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How do you not look at a picture like this and think at various levels?  The logical thinker in us may wonder about the entire physics aspect of this.  How heavy is the slice of pizza? How much does a squirrel weigh?  What is the lifting ratio of the squirrel to its size?  Then you have the free-thinker.  What a smart squirrel.  Wonder what other things the squirrel would consider as resources of food. Is the squirrel just taking advantage of a situation or did someone feed him?  Lastly, you have the conspiracy thinkers who are wondering why a squirrel is eating pizza.  Not just eating pizza, but a pepperoni pizza.  Is this the first generation of some Government Mutant Carnivore Squirrels? 

As much as I do worry about carnivore squirrels running around, I side with the Free-Thinker.  This squirrel to me, sees what it had to work with, and used it effectively.  It is not a normal source of food. However, it is food.  It will keep the squirrel going and nourished.  We often will block out the idea of using a shopping cart as a wheelbarrow, a nail as a cotter pin, a 9V battery and steel wool as a fire source (try it). Why?  Because…, we are always taught to use the proper tools in the proper application for the best result.  If I am in need to create a solution, would not anything and everything then become available as a possible effective tool?  The limitation of our resources might very well hamper a result, especially in a desperate or emergency based situation. How many of you keep a roll of duct tape in the car?  Show me a roll of duct tape in a trunk, and I will show you a free-thinker just waiting to take action.  Add a bunch of rope and a shovel and I might look at you with caution, but still.  Many of us have a subconscious addition to the off the shelf things so readily available in our daily lives. As a result,  we may have forgotten the core element of “adaptation.”  True, it may not be possible for everyone to be a modern day McGuyver.  But I do not want to be so confirming that I do not see how many different tools are around me, even if they are not intended to be used in a particular manner.  More people have achieved success by wondering “What If?” over asking “Where can I Get?..”