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AZ Licensed Residential Contractors for remodeling and repairs. LIC # 336252
UT Licensed Residential and Light Commercial for remodeling and repairs. LIC# 13803175-5501
Use of space improvements to increase functional use of the home
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For almost all the things on the “to-do” and “want to-do” list.

Every now and then you need some Simple Stuff done. The simple stuff can be nearly anything you have been thinking to, been meaning to, or intended to get to. We have all been there and understand once in a while having someone help you out gets it off the task list, repair list, or even can get you off another list we won’t mention here. Helping people get a handle on getting things done is all we’re about. We have been doing repairs and maintenance for folks for well over 15 years.


Homes and the parts and components that comprise the physical elements of your home have some type of useful life cycle.  To maintain the home, things need to be changed, replaced, repainted, repatched, tuned-up, checked, re-checked. 


When damage occurs, the rebuilding process begins, along with possible improvements.  Rebuilding areas of the home may involve bringing things up to current building code standards.


One of the enjoyable elements of our company.  You want to bring parts of your home back to the condition of what you fell in love with your home in the first place.  We understand and respect the need to restore things while keeping the memories intact.


All those amazing ideas and dreams come to life in your home.  Bathrooms, kitchens, adding walls, opening space, creating functional spaces, new flooring, new paint, trims, doors.  Share your “if only” visions with us and we can break it down into a manageable project list. 

Please reference the section in the blue box below this area to share more details on how our process works.

Our Process and steps for having a good Project Management Experience with us.

Once we get to connect….

Whatever construction adventure someone goes on, even just getting a simple repair made, starts with the first step of reaching out to someone (and at times please, please, anyone) who might be able to help.  

If it was from an ad you saw, an article you read, a reference from a neighbor, or you saw one of our service vehicles on the road or in your neighborhood, you have now reached out by calling, texting, or emailing us at Colts Simple Stuff.   Once we get back in touch with you, we do like to follow the following protocol before just giving you an estimated price and showing up at your home to work.  

We will schedule a time to meet in person.

This is done for a few reasons.  We want to take a good look at what needs to be done to give us the best information when it comes to our pricing and proposal for you.  We want to make sure we can reach as many agreements on the work to be done, the time frames, and the details the job may entail.  This reduces the risk of having unmet or unforeseen expectations by either of us.  We also want to make sure we are a good fit for both the job itself and the clients we are working with.  We are in your home or working with a loved one in their home.  It should not always be whoever is the cheapest and whoever can get it done the fastest situation.  We feel you want to know the people coming into your home and working in your personal space and feel comfortable with them.  

We prepare a proposal and bid estimate.

At the end of our in-person appointment, we will give you a time frame of when we will have a proposal sent over for review.  This is normally done by email and will have the proper disclosures and line items for the estimated materials and labor costs, time frames, and other important elements related to your project.  We can make other adjustments or changes if requested by the client at this time.

Approve the proposal and sign the acceptance page. 

You approve the bid/proposal and return the e-document with signature or we receive an image copy of the signed letter of acceptance.  

We will schedule dates with you to begin working on your project.

The scheduling for your project can vary based on the time frame for the work involved, and what other projects are already active or scheduled.  We do talk about time frames for the work you are requesting from the first contact we make and through the entire process.  We do not want to promise a start date we cannot keep just to get your business. 

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