Purpose Driven work, Value Driven Lives
We reach for agreements over expectations.
We may not always be the perfect fit for people, we do not try to make it fit either.

The story of two friends, a business idea, and how it turns into a love story.

Connie and Jeff had the chance to meet through working at separate businesses and suites in the same office building.  Casual conversations grew into a friendship.  

Connie had been in dental care work in California and moved to Arizona with her family in 2007. She became a stay-at-home mom and got to care for disabled foster children.  Her love for caring for these disabled foster children grew so much that she was offered a position in the care management company.  The company set up a new facility in Mesa AZ, and Connie agreed to stop working from home and start working on-site, which led to running into Jeff here and there.  

Jeff had already been through one major life change in 2012, retiring from the financial advisory firm he grew, again in 2016 with being removed from one of the post-retirement ventures he created, and by 2018 had several little business ventures going on and one of them was doing home repairs on rental properties.  

Jeff was a newer Grandfather and one day it made sense to name a little simple repair company after the grandson.  In August of 2018, Colts Simple Stuff Services became a real little business. 

Both Connie and Jeff ended up going through some more major life changes in the year ahead, which included divorces from long-term spouses, losing careers, and business ventures being closed down.  

True friends just have this way of propping each other up. 

Connie needed some new way to support herself. Jeff had some basic skills and the ability to work on the repairs for the rentals.  Since Colts Simple Stuff was already a little business, the merger of friends to friends and business partners started.

Who really knows if you ever “intend” to fall in love with another.  Might have been while we were fixing a toilet, might have been while we were putting in new laminate flooring, or painting something, but it happened along the way and in October 2020, Jeff and Connie got married completing the circle of trust and love they share for each other.  

The Love Story part of this journey is evident when you see them in person working with each other.  They always reflect on the gift of being able to grow much more than a business.  


"And so we decided to lead a purpose driven life and have a purpose driven business along side" ...

The beginning of Colts Simple Stuff Services was not built for the steps we have taken in recent years.  It was a means of getting paid for home repair services to provide financial support and in some respects life support for Jeff and his family.  

When Connie was faced with some of the same financial and family hardships and challenges, it made perfect sense that Colts Simple Stuff would be part of that lifeline as well.

Once you get out of the financial woods, you can look at what you want to do next.  For people like Connie and Jeff, they looked at each other and decided, “we like this work, not every day is perfect, but it is ours to grow and shape together.”

Colts Simple Stuff became an LLC. Colts Simple Stuff Services became a Licensed Contractor. Colts Companies, Colts Creative and S.M.A.R.T were formed.

If some of the concepts in having a purpose-driven life are doing things for significance beyond yourself, giving to others the best you can, and valuing and appreciating your community, how does this translate into a business?

This is going to be a life-long list that will grow and evolve as we grow and evolve as a business and the people who manage and operate it.  But here is what we have so far.

It is NOT centered on the money we make, it is about what value we create and provide to earn money in exchange for the value.

Developing a relationship with your clients and your community must be honest and humble.

Grow your business by always having the desire to sharpen your skills and improve your knowledge.  Grow your client base by showing examples of the above.  

Amplify Your Influence