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“Creatures of habit” is a phrase that can exist in many living things.  Some habits are created because of necessity.  Some habits are established by culture.  Even some habits are there because, it is just easier to follow than to lead.  To lead, you have to go down paths where the results may not be present.  Dark tunnels where you have to slide your hand slowly to find the light switch.  It is hard work and as the phrase goes “someone has to do it.”  Habit can easily become a comfort. Comfort can become complacency.  Complacency takes away far more than it provides when it comes to leadership. 

If you look at this picture, it can be assumed these turtles are taking part in just being part of the family. They are learning how to be on their own.  As much as they are together, you can see some of them are starting to venture off. They will find their own food, make their own path.  For some of us, finding a way to explore the great undiscovered country is out of habit.  We win, we lose, but we keep moving toward something. The “something” that puts a sparkle in our eyes and fire in our belly.  Will you just maintain being in the comfort of the crowd or will you go out beyond the bounds of safety to reach a new hill?  A habit is something one does on a regular basis.  It has to come from starting somewhere.