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The effects of television in modern society send powerful messages. We will and are constantly influenced by the combination of visual and audio communication.  Both television and the movies can take you on many adventures. The drama, places, events, and actions may detract you from your everyday life, if only for a short period of time.  For a prime example, we can look at a show that became famous from being canceled, the world of Star Trek.  This show in all of its parts, spin-off’s, movies, and conventions has been an amazing testament to the public demand for it which at one time the networks did not see any value supporting. 

To make a quick comparison to prove a point, we will take the famous introduction of the show.  In the original show, the intro begins with a famous monologue from its captain ending in the statement, “…To boldly go where no man has gone before.”   OK, makes sense, humans were exploring deeper and deeper into space.  Decades later a new version of Star Trek was created taking the same story but advancing it even further into the future.  Taking some of the same elements, the new captain shares a similar monologue at show start but has a minor (yet super significant) change.  “…To boldly go where NO ONE has gone before.”    Now, if this statement is true, how to they keep running into people in their travels?  Certainly they are not always running into humans, however, NO ONE is inclusive to all.  

How does this tie into a small business blog?  Simple.  Many of us may feel alone in what we are facing.  We might feel our business is so new or so unique, we are in uncharted territory.  Our efforts to solve matters, do not have to be alone.  Pride needs to be pushed aside to collaboration. Protectiveness of your thoughts may restrict the openness of mind required to create the best solution. Think if Henry Ford just kept the whole idea to himself until he could make an entire car and not source others to create with him. 

This undiscovered country (yes one of the Star Trek movie titles), has often had some explorer at least go part of the way you are going.  Seek them out, learn from their stories.  You are reading this from one of the leading places to find such explorers, Linkedin.  Sites such as Linkedin or Facebook allow you to connect with the world, once an unimaginable process. You are bound to find someone out there who may connect in some way to your idea.  This sharing of ideas and observations will show you your universe is far greater than you can imagine.  The efforts of collaboration draw knowledge from all aspects of business life.  Use them wisely.  The core of human behavior is all about sharing.